Staff at Birch Bay Retirement Village know how hard quarantining can be. Especially for their at risk residents.

But some folks at the home have started a new tradition to brighten the day of those they care for.

“So when the recommendations rolled out that we needed to stop allowing visitors into our facility. That was kind of heartbreaking for a lot of the families and residents,” said Susanne Hopkins of Birch Bay Retirement Village.

“So I started writing things down, enjoy your dinner, I’ll see you soon, we’re gonna be fine like we’ll get through it. And then I started thinking like I definitely took a couple art classes in high school, I took one in college. Maybe I can start making cute little sketches or something,” said AJ Dobrosielski of Birch Bay Retirement Village.

“We’re just working really hard to keep the residents engaged and smiling,” said Hopkins.

“Cause I think sometimes these days it gets a little hard to think we’re going to get through it,” said Dobrosielski.

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