Dear Residents Families,

We were asked to provide additional clarification regarding facial coverings for residents. Face coverings are considered precautionary and it is highly unlikely at this time that any resident is a source of potential infections. However, we have been advised by the CDC to take this precaution.

For Pleasant Cove:

Face coverings have been provided to all residents. Pleasant Cove residents should, only if they are able, wear a face covering when out of their rooms or within 6 feet of another residents.

This means a resident may go without a face covering when alone in their suite or in a common area with 6 feet separating them from others. In essence, a resident could be alone in the PC living room watching TV without a face covering. This is OK. Staff should remind and/or assist in applying a face covering when the 6 foot mark is not possible. For example, if staff is assisting the resident with ADLs. However, not all residents are able to wear a face covering due to cognitive or health barriers. If this is the case, we should attempt to physically distance as much as possible.

For Independent Apartment Residents:

Face coverings have been provide to all residents. Residents of the apartments should wear face coverings when out of their apartment and in their apartment when staff or others are present such as housekeeping or PCSP staff members. Staff will remind and assist residents in applying face coverings.

For Safe Harbor:

Safe Harbor residents will not be wearing face coverings at this time.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.


Michael J Smith, Director of Health and Resident Services